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The Horse Certification Course That Will Get You To Success! No Stone Left Unturned

Embarking on the journey of working with horses to assist people is an exhilarating adventure like no other! With diligence and action, dreams can indeed become reality. Our comprehensive business package, along with specialized training and a proven equine-assisted learning approach, form the foundation of why this certification will propel you toward your aspirations.

Recent years have taught us that the future is uncertain, emphasizing the importance of seizing the present moment. It's crucial to align ourselves with endeavours that enrich our lives here and now. Embrace the life you are destined to live and endeavour to make the world a better place by fostering connections between humans and horses—one person at a time. Life is too fleeting to delay; take the leap today!

"One day you will wake up and there won't be any more
time to do the things you've always wanted. Do it now."

-Paulo Coelho


Our certification raises the bar for quality! It's a dynamic accreditation in being a horsepreneur, continuously evolving, adapting, and providing fresh resources to enhance our skills as facilitators for both humans and horses.

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Certification Only -
No Business Training


  • This is for you if...
  • You seek training, comprehension, and a curriculum that empowers you to serve as an assistant to another Certified Facilitator, start your own business on your own terms, or enhance your existing business (without our business training and support).
  • You DO NOT NEED Business Training.
  • You DO NOT NEED Business or Marketing Materials.
  • You DO NOT NEED Ongoing Support and Continued Training AFTER you are certified.

Certification With Business Package,
Training and Support


  • This Is For You If…
  • You're seeking training, comprehension, and a curriculum that empowers you to forge ahead with your own business and the support of the Equine Connection! INCLUDES the Out of The Box Instant Business Package! This comprehensive pack includes professionally designed program materials, lesson plans, research-based exercises, marketing strategies, business plans, textbooks, supply lists, action plans, setup instructions, classroom preparations, horse knowledge, pricing guides, client retention tips, ROI insights, tax write-offs, multimedia resources, website building tutorials, and so much more! Get everything you need to succeed, right out of the box!
  • You NEED Additional Business Training - Included for the LIFE of your certification.
  • You NEED Additional Business and Marketing Materials - Included for the LIFE of your certification.
  • You NEED Support AFTER you are certified - Our unparalleled support ensures that you have access to round-the-clock assistance for all your "Now What?" moments, right from the comfort of your home. With ongoing certification support at no extra cost, you'll never be left in the dark. Enjoy endless networking opportunities, stay updated on new discoveries, and continuously expand your knowledge within this dynamic industry.
  • You NEED To Be Part of A Community of like-minded people to support you and be your personal think-tank to move your business forward!

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What Is A Facilitator's Job?

As a facilitator, our job is to watch our horses, notice that change, and take that moment as a teaching opportunity for the participant to recognize something they may not have even seen by empowering the human to acquire, apply, and retain life skills - with the most unique and powerful four-legged teacher(s), the horse(s).

We use a highly proven technique with objectively driven exercises designed with predictable outcomes to bring RESULTS through research every time clients work with the horse.

The exercises/programs help people to make their own decisions about the problems in their lives, allow them to take responsibility for their own choices and actions and come to healthy conclusions about their choices. The solution is working with these magnificent and generous beings to find answers to their lives with our trained facilitator partnering with the horses to help humans move forward.

In an Equine Assisted Learning setting, participants can try things differently in their learning style.

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